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Your fur baby is Your World. You have conversations with them. You ask them questions and respond in their (strangely accented, sometimes potty-mouthed) voice. You can’t get enough of their smell, even when they’re stinky. You sing to them. You make up songs about them. You tell elaborate stories about them having jobs and hobbies. You take photos of them constantly, because they are doing something. You worry they wouldn’t behave for a professional photo session, though in your heart you’ve always wanted one. They feature heavily on your social media, or even have their own account. You feel like nobody could possibly have a connection like you do. You cry at the mere thought of them not being with you someday. NO! STOP! They are going to live with you FOREVER! You have a bad back from contorting your body to accommodate them on your bed. You forgive them because they wake you up nibbling on your ear. They have 17 nicknames and a story behind every one. You have to spell words like T-R-E-A-T and W-A-L-K but they’re so smart they know what you mean by the tone of your voice. You let them kiss your face until it’s completely wet. Their head tilt gets you every single time. You take them everywhere you can and grumble about how stupid it is they cannot go to the supermarket, on public transport, or sit at the table in a restaurant and eat their dinner off a plate next to you. They’re a person dammit!

And no, you’re not crazy.

You’re looking for a fur family photographer who gets it.

I do.

Let me help you tell their story. 

Kathy x

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Kindness, Patience, Love.


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