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Are we the same Crazy?

Are you crazy?

Before we get started, let's see if we are on the same level of crazy.

Have a quick read through the list on the right.

(I'll wait...)

Are we on the same page?


I know this list has a distinct "crazy dog person" slant (because I am), but if your crazy is about cats or birds or guinea pigs or snakes or pigs or cows or... whatever creature you adore, same goes. You get the idea!

Now we've established we are of the same people, let's move on.

Book it in!

Maybe you have been thinking about it for a while, wondering exactly what you can expect when you book your fur family session in with me. 

I already know your fur baby is Your WorldMy aim is to provide a memorable experience, ensure you achieve the outcomes you want, and have fun choosing your print products.

The process is pretty simple, but every step is really important. Particularly the steps where you get excited!

What to expect

when you book a session

Step 1:

When you first get in touch, expect me to ask you a bunch of Questions about your fur babies, what you want to create from your photos (wall art, photo book, prints, social media), if you have given any thought to location, and if there's a special reason for booking the session.

We can do all this by email, over the phone, or in person. In person is the best, and throughout all this, we can bond over being the same crazy!

Step 2:

The next logical step is to select a location, either at homeoutdoors or both. There are a bunch of things you'll need to consider, and I will make suggestions and help you in making a decision. In the meantime, you can read this blog post for some general info.

Step 3:

Book it in! Sometimes happens before a location is selected, particularly if you want to secure the date before settling on the "where".

To secure your booking the Social Media Butterfly base package/minimum investment is required up-front to secure your session date.

You can select your print package now too, or upgrade at the time of your ordering appointment.

I will send you an invoice for payment along with a Portrait Agreement outlining terms and conditions.

Step 4:

Session planning. If I am not already familiar with the location chosen, I will check it out prior to the session so I have a game plan for the day. If you have chosen to have your session at home, I will need to pop by for a quick visit to assess light in your home and best locations for photos.

Step 5:

I will send you some preparation tips and you can ask me for help on anything (what to wear if you're going to be in the photos is common!).

Step 6:

On the day of your session... The most important thing is to relax and have fun! The prep tips outline what you can expect in detail. Be prepared to hear me make a lot of silly sounds to get your fur baby's attention. I have photographed hundreds of animals including very timid rescues, so I have some tricks up my sleeve to get them to look at the camera!

Step 7:

Get excited (again)! Your photos are on their way. I will edit them carefully, and create colour and black and white versions. Some people say they don't want black and white, but when they see the emotion it can add to an image, change their mind. I want the images to make you FEEL something.

Step 8:

Your ordering appointment. Within 14 days of your session, your photos will be ready. We will then organise a time for me to present these to you either at your place or mine, or a nice quiet coffee shop. I will bring product samples with me so you can see and touch what you want to order.

Your images will be presented as printed proofs we can shuffle around and see what looks good together. This part is really fun!

Oh yes, and I bring cruelty-free baked goodies to share.

Yeah, I baked these.

Step 9:

Get excited (again)! Your print products are on their way.

deliver in person whenever possible. You can expect delivery of most products within 14-28 days. Many of the products are hand-made, and I personally check quality before delivering to you.

Step 10:

Enjoy your images. 

Whether you'll be showing off a collection of wall art in your home, or flipping through a photo book with a big grin on your face, or simply sharing them on social media. The whole purpose of your session is to enjoy the end result!

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