Studio portrait session – get the boxing gloves out!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am now in my final week of my Diploma of Photoimaging, and during the two years of my course, I have been exposed to everything from domestic portraiture to editorial to commercial work.

One of my final subjects required me to photograph a musician, I chose the singer Lorde, for a Soundcloud/iTunes cover for her single Royals. There was a client brief to follow, keywords to incorporate into the concept such as “suburban”, “muted colours”, and “simplicity”. I chose to include boxing gloves since they are featured in the Royals music video, and composited the studio portrait with the background image of suburban townhouses taken separately.

Thank you to my Lorde model Rosie, and Sarah Alexander for yet again doing a fantastic job with hair and makeup. Here is the end result along with some extra photos from the shoot.

Clients, don’t forget I have a home studio, so I can create portraits like this for you too! Boxing gloves optional. 😉

Kathy x



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