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  • Hello, my name is Kathy McMillan and I am a professional animal photographer based in Brisbane. My specialty is documenting connections between precious creatures and their kind-hearted people. I am an animal rights advocate and proudly vegan. Kindness is the guiding principle in everything that I do. x

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New home studio! Good things come in small packages | Brisbane pet photographer

Good things come in small packages sums up my little home studio to a tee. We recently moved house, and finding a place that had room for a dedicated studio, in a central location, that didn’t come with exorbitant rent was a challenge. CompromisesRead more »

Wishes for 2017 | Brisbane animal photographer

We’re almost half way through January, and I had meant for this to be my first post of the year, but time got away as it does. My wishes for 2017 are not your usual “new year, new me” type wishes (get fit, change careers, etc), or generic wishesRead more »

New! Fine Art portrait sessions for dogs | Brisbane animal photographer

Introducing new Fine Art portrait sessions for dogs, a brand new type of session designed for clients wanting something extra special for their furry friend! The big question is, how do these sessions differ from my standard lifestyle home,Read more »

2016, it’s a wrap! | Brisbane animal photographer

Phew, what a crazy-busy year 2016 has been! Here’s a wrap-up of the year: Study After 2.5 years of “part time” study, I completed my Diploma in Photoimaging, so I would have the technical skills to back up my passion. I use theRead more »

How did you get them to look at the camera?! | Brisbane animal photographer

Many fur-parents comment that they can never get their furry friends to look at the camera, or as soon as they lift the camera when they are doing something cute, their companion looks away. Sound familiar? So, when I present images from a companionRead more »

Life isn’t about finding yourself… | Brisbane animal photographer

Over the past couple of months I have been having conversation after conversation with amazing people who are either wanting to take the plunge and change careers or start their own business, or have done just that, and are living a life of theirRead more »

Rescue fundraising weekend booked out… but you can still be involved | Brisbane animal photographer

The Pets With Personality fundraising weekend is officially booked out, more than a month in advance! If you missed out, there are still ways you can be involved and raise funds for Best Friends Rescue and Pets Without Partners. – Donate! IfRead more »

Wow you make $100 an hour! Er… it’s more like $10 | Photography myths busted

I have been sitting on this blog post for a while now… and the time has come. I cannot have another person say “Wow, you make $100 an hour!” when they see my pricing, without setting the record straight. People think when they payRead more »

Worried your companion is too timid for a photo session? Don’t be! | Brisbane animal photographer

A year ago I had the privilege of meeting two of the most kind-hearted people you could imagine. Mark and Tina won a competition run by the lovely people at Daisy Hill Veterinary Clinic for their senior pet to be photographed. I had a sessionRead more »

Case study: Why you need to photograph your companion animals… now | Brisbane animal photographer

I can still remember the phone call like it was yesterday, it’s hard to believe it was over a year ago. Mark called me as the winner of a Senior Pet Promotion run by Daisy Hill Veterinary Clinic, where his beloved German Shepherd Zara wasRead more »

Kathy McMillan Photography featured in Brisbane News for fundraising efforts | Brisbane animal photographer

I was pretty excited to be featured in the Trailblazer section of Brisbane News today! What awesome exposure for the rescue fundraising events I have been running. As mentioned in the article, the next event will be over an entire weekend, 26 and 27Read more »

New product! Click together framed prints | Brisbane animal photographer

Introducing my new Click wall frames, they’re really unique and offer endless design options. Frames come in one size, 12×12″ but click together so you could feature one large image over a number of frames, or a collection of imagesRead more »

New product! Artisan prints | Brisbane animal photographer

Introducing my new Artisan prints, they’re pretty spesh! Beautiful fine art paper, hand-torn edges, with a double mat, they make a treasured memory even more breathtaking. Any image ordered as an Artisan print gets some extra love in PhotoshopRead more »

New product! Lite photo books | Brisbane animal photographer

My new ‘Lite’ photo book sample arrived yesterday, of course featuring my own fur-babies Chloe and Webber! This ‘Lite’ product offers a more affordable option compared to the ‘Story’ photo books alreadyRead more »

What’s in my kit | Brisbane animal photographer

I often get asked what gear is in my camera bag, and I have been meaning to share for ages but wanted to wait until I added my new baby (35mm prime lens) to round out my kit! 2x Canon EOS 6D camera bodies. Instead of buying one 5D I decided to putRead more »

New print product samples! | Brisbane Animal Photographer

I have changed supplier for photo books and wall  frames, so I thought I’d share some images of my new samples as they are really beautiful. The photo books are hand-made in Australia, and feature a photo/linen hard cover, gorgeous thick fineRead more »

Why is my photo grainy when I print it? | Photography tips

Everyone has printed an image and been disappointed with the results at some point. Why does it look perfect on screen, but the print is grainy, lacks detail, or is pixelated? It comes down to resolution. You may have heard the terms ppi (pixels perRead more »

Top seven concerns about pet portrait sessions | Brisbane animal photographer

I know seven is an odd number, but if I made it ten I’d just be padding it out. These are all valid concerns, but they needn’t become excuses not to have your best friend photographed! #1  My pet won’t sit still orRead more »

Photographing animals makes my heart sing! | Brisbane Animal Photographer

I have just completed my Diploma of Photoimaging, and my thoughts have naturally turned to the reasons I decided to change careers and pursue photography in the first place. Yes, I discovered I loved photography as a teenager (yawn…), and yes I loveRead more »

Ten tips for photographing dogs / Brisbane Pet Photographer

During the last few months of 2015, I did a lot of outdoor doggy shoots for an assignment. At the beginning of the project, I thought I was doing alright with my pet photography, particularly since I have two dogs of my own I photographRead more »

Tulle skirt for fine art glamour portrait shoot / Brisbane Portrait Photographer

I have been meaning to make this skirt for a while now, and decided to make the time today… besides, I really need a break from editing wedding photos! I actually made a start yesterday, but got off to a false start because my tea dyeRead more »

Experiencing photographs in print / Brisbane Photographer

Not long ago I made the decision to move away from offering digital-only collections. I wrote a blog post on my reasons here. The short of it is, I strongly believe that you just can’t enjoy images on a computer screen the way you canRead more »

Take the time to capture precious memories with your pets / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Treasure your pets. Look after them. Love them. Photograph them. A group of vet clinics I have been working with recently ran a promotion for senior pets, providing a Senior Starter package for pets seven years and over. The idea is to provideRead more »

10 reasons to have your portrait session in Winter

As the temperature drops, a portrait session is probably not at the top of your to-do list. However, here are ten good reasons why it is one of the BEST times of year to have one: Gorgeous light! The light is softer and very flattering forRead more »

Print in the digital age – technology has killed the magic! / Brisbane Portrait Photographer

Most people want digital files when they pay for professional photography. Which is fair enough… if you actually DO something with them other than chuck them on Facebook! Be honest, how many of you have digital images you intended to print, andRead more »

Why have an Engagement shoot? / Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Engagement shoots are gaining in popularity and it is easy to understand why. First of all, it gives the couple an opportunity to get to know their photographer a little better before the big day and vice versa. Secondly, the couple can become aRead more »

It’s all about the Light / Brisbane Portrait Photographer

Every time I exclaim to my husband, “Oh my goodness, look at the light!” he laughs at me. Not to make fun, but just because I get so excited and he knows my next comment will be a disappointed “Oh, now it’s gone”. Photography is quite literallyRead more »

Vegan Weddings – musings on what might have been / Brisbane Wedding Photographer

As I ponder wedding photography as a new addition to my services, I cannot help but reflect on my own wedding. I don’t think there’s a married woman out there who does not consider how they would plan their wedding if they were to do it all overRead more »

Location Scout – Burleigh Heads National Park / Brisbane Portrait Photographer

I just had to share this one image, the way the branches wrap around the path to provide a natural frame is just gorgeous! I can just imagine what a beautiful shot this would make with a couple or a family on the path looking back up towardsRead more »

Gold Coast location scout for a family photo shoot / Brisbane Family Photographer

I have a family photo shoot booked next week and my clients would like their shoot on the beach. Since the family lives on the Southside of Brisbane, somewhere on the Gold Coast seems a logical choice. My husband Matt and I were heading down theRead more »

Head shots with personality / Brisbane Portrait Photographer

The purpose of head shots or modelling portfolio shots is of course to show what the person looks like. However, in the case of head shots for an actor or other entertainer, the images must also let their personality and the type of actor orRead more »

Photo book design – keeping it simple

I am working on an assignment which requires design of a photo book. I chose images from the Roberts family photo shoot, and my aim was to convey a sense of fun and connection. The design is really clean and simple and I have used a lot of whiteRead more »

Where it all began…

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome! I’ll be up-front with you, I am just starting out in my career as a professional photographer. I invite you to share my journey as I continue to learn and develop my skills. I am currently studying a Diploma ofRead more »