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  • Hello, my name is Kathy McMillan and I am a professional animal photographer based in Brisbane. My specialty is documenting connections between precious creatures and their kind-hearted people. I am an animal rights advocate and proudly vegan. Kindness is the guiding principle in everything that I do. x

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Rescued Exhibition: Molly and Ned | Helen, Ron and Anne | Dementia and company

Molly and Ned are an inseparable mother and son. Three years ago, Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc received an email from a nurse at the Redland Hospital to say that a mother cat had been dumped at the hospital, along with her litter of threeRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Charlie and Maximus | Olivia and Mike | Getting out of a rut

Charlie and Maximus are 16 month old brothers, rescued from Little Legs Dog & Cat Rescue Qld. It is believed their mother was abandoned when her owner found out she was pregnant. Little Legs took her in and then adopted out her litter. After aRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Valentino | Katrina | Stressful new job

Valentino was a stray kitten brought into Monier Vet where Katrina worked as a vet. Somebody found him in their yard, abandoned by his mother. He was very sick and hungry, and worst of all, one of his back legs had been bitten off so he had anRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Guest post by Tootsie

A question I get asked a lot is “isn’t it difficult photographing animals?” or “how did you get them to sit still?”, the answers are “it can be difficult, but that’s the challenge and reward!”andRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Tootsie | Dee | Grief

Tootsie is a Tabby of unknown age, picked up during the 2011 Brisbane floods. She was in foster care with Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc.  for a year before Dee adopted her and it was love at first sight for both of them. Tootsie getsRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Max | Nicole | Chronic Fatigue, Reactive Depression

Max is a two year old Tabby, fostered by Nicole through Pets Without Partners Animal Rescue Inc. since he was six months old. Max was found walking on the street, and was brought to a vet. He was friendly, but not microchipped, so his owner couldRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Crumpet | Marion | Grief

Crumpet is a Staffordshire Terrier, just shy of three years old. Animal Rescue Queensland (ARQ) took Crumpet (then Akira) in from the Warwick Pound in November 2013. Initially Marion and her husband took her in as foster carers in May 2014 and sheRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Minnie | Cassie | Depression and Bulimia

Minnie is a Border Collie cross rescued as a pup with her brother in 2011 from an abusive situation near Bundaberg. Cassie adopted her from the RSPCA and was told by a volunteer that the pups were rescued from a dog fighting ring, where Minnie andRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Gordie | Fran | Grief

Gordon (Gordie for short when he is being good) is a boisterous Border Collie, approximately six years of age. Fran rescued him from a private owner almost four years ago. He had a few homes and fell off the back of a truck apparently. He ended upRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Whyte | Amber | Domestic violence

Whyte or Mr Whyte as he is affectionately known, is a three year old Great Dane x Wolfhound adopted from the RSPCA. He was born at the RSPCA and was there for 11 months. Amber was instantly drawn to him, and decided to adopt him despite his specialRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Sophie and Zoe | Minnie | Compassion Fatigue

Sophie is an 11 year old Shih Tzu and Zoe is a nine year old Maltese x Poodle. Both were rescued from the RSPCA, Sophie in 2009 and Zoe in 2015. Minnie works as a Foster Care Coordinator for the RSPCA, and she originally fostered Sophie after sheRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Dutch | Tenai | Self esteem

Dutch is an 18 month old Mastiff x Great Dane adopted from Animal Welfare League Qld in December 2015. Dutch was abused as a young pup and he suffers from severe separation anxiety. Tenai made him the vow that she would not be another person whoRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Buddy | Michelle, Troy, Abbey and Alex | Grief

Buddy is a five year old Mini Foxie x Tenterfield Foxie adopted from Animal Welfare League Qld in February 2015. How Buddy ended up with AWLQ is not known, he may have been stray or surrendered. The day Michelle took her children Abbey and Alex toRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Kaiser | Katia | Grief, Depression, Alcoholism, Fear

Kaiser is a 6 ½ year old Bull Terrier, adopted in January 2015. Kaiser had been chained up for the first 5 years of his life. Allegedly he broke off the chain and attacked another dog also chained up. The owner surrendered Kaiser, and even with aRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Keisha | Vicki | Illness and Loneliness

Keisha | Vicki | Illness and Loneliness Keisha is a Maltese x Poodle x Shih Tzu, approximately 7 ½ years old. Vicki’s took it upon herself to rescue Keisha from a dire situation 6 years ago from a neighbour’s house. A neighbour physically assaultedRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Charles and Winston | Kirstie | Companionship and protection

Charles and Winston are Springer Spaniels, six and four years old respectively. Charles was adopted in 2012, and Winston in 2014. Charles needed a new home after he was expelled from the Army Bomb Squad for retrieving all the explosive devices, andRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Bronson | Marina and Christine | Relationship breakdown | Health issues

Bronson the Border Collie is approximately 5-6 years old, and was adopted from Animal Welfare League Queensland by Marina in September 2014. Bronson was found on the road, malnourished and very ill, and he was a whole dog at the time. It isRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Abby and Sarchie | Kristy | Grief

Abby and Sarchie are both Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Abby was found on Gumtree, part of an unwanted litter and the owners were going to surrender to the pound. The owner lied about the pup’s ages and Kristy was told by the vet Abby was just 4Read more »

Rescued Exhibition: Beau | Rachel | Depression and anxiety

Beau is a 10 year old Labrador x Staffy adopted from the RSPCA when he was a small pup. At the tender age of three months it was his second time up for adoption after being seized with his seven litter mates from a private owner, then returned toRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Dobby and Anubis | Alix | Postnatal Depression and Anxiety

Dobby is an eight year old Italian Greyhound, rescued from Peninsula Animal Aid in 2008. Anubis is a two year old Kelpie Cross, rescued from Safe Haven Animal Rescue in February 2015. Dobby had been surrendered at the PAA at 12 months of age as theRead more »

Rescued Exhibition: Hawkeye | Bek | Grief

Hawkeye is a 6 year old Alaskan Malamute rescued from the pound in Mackay in October 2014 at four years of age. He was surrendered anonymously, and it is suspected it was by his owners who had severely neglected him. He looked like an old man. HisRead more »

Rescued Exhibition Seeds – Part 3 | Brisbane Animal Photographer

That’s me, if you were wondering what a vegan freak looks like! 😉 The ‘Rescued‘ Exhibition is ultimately a statement against animal cruelty. It features stories of rescue. Kind people rescuing/adopting animals, and animals rescuingRead more »

Rescued Exhibition Seeds – Part 2 | Brisbane Animal Photographer

The ‘Rescued‘ Exhibition features stories of animal rescue/adoption and how the animals rescued their caregivers in return. One of the aims is to promote adoption of companion animals over buying them from a pet shop or breeder. WhenRead more »

Rescued Exhibition Seeds – Part 1 | Brisbane Animal Photographer

The ‘Rescued‘ Exhibition launches in just over two weeks time. In the lead-up, a lot of people have been asking me about the image I used in the promotional materials, so I thought I’d share the background. This image will not beRead more »

Promoting stories of animal rescue through the ‘Rescued’ Exhibition | Brisbane Animal Photographer

Last weekend I put a call-out for subjects for an exhibition project called ‘Rescued’. The exhibition will feature portraits of rescued animals and their caregivers, who feel that they were also rescued by their animals in return. I was hoping forRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #8 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Meet Rex, eight years old and still full of beans! You’d think he was just a pup the way he played on the beach at Scarborough earlier this week. For Rex, it doesn’t get much better than this: off leash on the beach, the undividedRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #7 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Meet Bruno. He’s cheeky, clever, and lets you know with no uncertainty when he really, really likes you. He sits on your feet, leans on you, and don’t forget the kisses! I used to work with Bruno’s human Mummy, and he would come toRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #6 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This gorgeous boy is 18 month old Levi, an Australian Shepherd. As well as being really, really ridiculously good-looking (yes, a Zoolander reference!) Levi is a complete sweetheart and I kissed his head a LOT. This was only the third time Levi hadRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #5 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This little mischief maker is five month old Coby. This was our second attempt at a shoot, the first day it stormed, then it was drizzling the day we rescheduled but we went ahead anyway! Black and white conversions work well for overcast days withRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #4 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

These handsome boys are Rauri (Irish Setter) and Toby (Border Collie). We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon exploring the enchanting Secret Forest at Oxley Creek Common. Rauri is the more outgoing of the two and showed off by jumping over a log,Read more »

Fur-baby project photo session #3 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This handsome guy is Angus, and he’s the man! So playful and full of mischief, Gus kept his human companion and I laughing all afternoon! It was really hard to get Gus to take a breather, which is why his tongue is hanging out in most of theRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #2 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This is little Miss Lucy, cute as a button and full of energy. Lucy had a ball sniffing and exploring Pine Rivers Park, she didn’t stop grinning the whole afternoon as you will soon see! Lucy recently turned one, so a cupcake was in order andRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #1 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This is Webber, my six year old Maltese x Shih Tzu munchkin man. Cute, smart, and a little thief as far as my heart is concerned! I will be doing a doggy photo shoot every week until mid November as part of an ongoing project for my Diploma in PhotoRead more »

My first exhibition! / Brisbane Landscape Photographer

This week some of my work went up on the gallery wall at Shutter & Brew located at Wavell Heights. Seriously, I can hardly contain my excitement! First, let me tell you about the café. If you love coffee and love photography, Shutter & BrewRead more »

Photography Project at Shorncliffe Pier / Brisbane Landscape Photographer

On New Year’s Day I wrote down a page full of photography project ideas, and like many resolutions I haven’t committed to any of them. I don’t tend to make New Year’s resolutions as such, I think if you want to do something,Read more »