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  • Hello, my name is Kathy McMillan and I am a professional animal photographer based in Brisbane. My specialty is documenting connections between precious creatures and their kind-hearted people. I am an animal rights advocate and proudly vegan. Kindness is the guiding principle in everything that I do. x

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Doggy studio sessions for Sweet Pea and Busy Bee | Brisbane animal photographer

I started my second business earlier this year called Sweet Pea and Busy Bee making dog and cat harnesses out of reclaimed fabrics from op shops. It was something I’d had in the back of my mind for years. I have made harnesses for my own dogsRead more »

Adopt me! Sweet Emily is in search of a home | Brisbane pet photographer

Lovely Emily is looking for a home to call her very own. Emily is currently in foster care with Precious Paws Animal Rescue and whilst she was a little timid when I first met her, she had only been rescued days earlier. With the gentle encouragementRead more »

Adopt me! Luke and Leia are looking for a home together | Brisbane pet photographer

Luke and Leia and a bonded pair, and are looking for a forever home they can share. Luke is an older gentleman and reminded me of a big cuddly teddy bear, I just wanted to get on the ground and spoon him! Leia is younger and more boisterous, andRead more »

Pippi Long Sausage and puppies in the studio | Brisbane pet photographer

My Monday afternoon was spent in the studio with Pippi Long Sausage and her babies. I know. My instinct was to lie on the ground and just let the puppies crawl all over me, but there was work to do! First, here are some behind the scenes photosRead more »

Adopt me! Tucker is looking for someone to love | Brisbane pet photographer

Meet sweet Tucker, a Greyhound x Mastiff x Great Dane (we think!) currently in foster care with Precious Paws Animal Rescue. Tucker is affectionate and eager to please, he also has a lot of energy so would need lots of playtime, walks and cuddles!Read more »

Lily’s Fine Art dog portrait session | Brisbane animal photographer

The brief for Lily’s fine art dog portrait session at Shorncliffe Pier was to “capture joyfulness”. As a rescue from the greyhound racing industry, Lily deserves nothing but joy! Lily is not only a rescue, she is a workingRead more »

Adopt me! Cheeky Chiquita is looking for someone to play with! | Brisbane pet photographer

Meet pretty Chiquita, a boisterous 18 month old Labrador x Kelpie pup, currently in foster care with Best Friends Rescue.  Cheeky by nature, Chicky by nickname! This happy girl has a LOT of energy and bounced around my tiny studio filling it withRead more »

Bailey’s special home family session | Brisbane pet photographer

Beautiful Bailey is a 12 year old Alaskan Malamute, absolutely adored by his family, just as a loyal friend like him should be. His humans are foster carers as well, and I first met them when I visited to take some photos of a rescue kitty in theirRead more »

Adopt me! Cooper the Border Collie cross love hugs! | Brisbane pet photographer

This adorable, super-cuddly boy is Cooper, a Border Collie cross currently in foster care with Precious Paws Animal Rescue. Cooper loves to give people hugs. I mean, he jumps up, wraps his front legs firmly around you and holds on tight! He alsoRead more »

Bear and Angel, one very sweet kitty photo session | Brisbane animal photographer

Louise visited my stall at the Brisbane Vegan Markets before Christmas, and decided to purchase her best friend and flatmate Amy a session as her Christmas present. Bear is Amy’s ginger baby, and Louise wanted to surprise Amy with a gift thatRead more »

Holly and Leanne, some bonds are stronger than others | Brisbane Animal Photographer

Leanne received her session as a Christmas gift from her thoughtful children. They know just how much gorgeous Golden Retriever Holly means to Leanne, and what better gift than lasting memories? Leanne’s daughter Chrissy, who is also aRead more »

Adopt me! Zac is looking for his perfect home | Brisbane animal photographer

This handsome boy is Zac, a brindle Mastiff cross currently in foster care with Precious Paws Animal Rescue. Zac is only around six months of age, and a cheeky pup who just wants someone to have fun with. If you are interested in adopting Zac,Read more »

Adopt me! Who can resist Kirby’s head tilt? | Brisbane animal photographer

Meet Kirby, a Great Dane Cross with one of the cutest head tilts I have ever seen! Kirby is in foster care with Precious Paws Animal Rescue and is still a pup at around six months of age. Kirby is very friendly and playful, he would make a greatRead more »

Adopt me! Lewis (a.k.a “Slug”) wants a forever floor to roll around on! | Brisbane animal photographer

Lewis the medium hair Manx is currently fostered through Pets Without Partners. He is a very friendly kitty and soon after meeting we were both rolling around on the floor getting to know each other! It made me laugh when his foster carer ChrisRead more »

A special story for Valentines Day | Brisbane animal photographer

I have a lovely story to share with you for Valentines Day (I know it’s been and gone, but we’ll get to that!). It begins almost a year ago in April 2016, when I photographed  Dutch, a rescued Mastiff x Great Dane with his human MumRead more »

Ollie, Ritchie and Marbles play in the pool! | Brisbane animal photographer

My session with Ollie (Labrador), Ritchie (Border Collie x), and Marbles (we’re not sure of his mix!), took place in the comfort of their home. The boys were very keen to welcome me in, kiss me, sit on me, we were all best buds within minutesRead more »

Adopt me! Energetic Bobby needs someone to lavish affection on | Brisbane animal photographer

Bobby is a Bull Terrier cross currently fostered through Precious Paws Animal Rescue. He’s still a pup at just one year old, and he really likes to jump, and jump, and jump! His foster Mummy is training him to not jump on people to kiss themRead more »

Adopt me! Tippy just wants somewhere to snooze | Brisbane animal photographer

Meet Tippy, a lovely older lady who currently tips the scales at 9kg(!)… but she’s, extremely annoyingly for her, on a strict diet. Tippy is available for adoption through Pets Without Partners and just wants somewhere with a nice breezeRead more »

Adopt me! Layla is looking for her forever home | Brisbane animal photographer

Meet beautiful Layla, a Golden Labrador cross currently fostered through Precious Paws Animal Rescue. Layla is around three years old, and the most calm, chilled out pup I have met in a long time. Perfect off the lead she always keeps her humans inRead more »

Snakes galore! part 2

Snakes are best photographed soon after shedding their skin, and I photographed three other snakes in this family before Christmas. Tash and Breddy hadn’t shed at the time of the first session, so I came back when they had shed and wereRead more »

Isobel and Sophie home session | Brisbane animal photographer

Isobel and Sophie are two very sweet West Highland Terriers, and they just loved sitting pretty during their home session. Isobel won the session just by having her teeth checked at Carindale Vet Surgery during dental month, and going in the drawRead more »

Wishes for 2017 | Brisbane animal photographer

We’re almost half way through January, and I had meant for this to be my first post of the year, but time got away as it does. My wishes for 2017 are not your usual “new year, new me” type wishes (get fit, change careers, etc), or generic wishesRead more »

New! Fine Art portrait sessions for dogs | Brisbane animal photographer

Introducing new Fine Art portrait sessions for dogs, a brand new type of session designed for clients wanting something extra special for their furry friend! The big question is, how do these sessions differ from my standard lifestyle home,Read more »

Pets with Personality part 5 | Brisbane animal photographer

Part 5 of the Pets with Personality fundraising sessions. Today you will meet Morris, Mathilde, Bella, Gracie, and Lilly. This is the last installment of all 25 animals photographed for this fundraising event! A total of $2,254.92 was donated toRead more »

Pets with Personality part 4 | Brisbane animal photographer

Part 4 of the Pets with Personality fundraising sessions. Today you will meet Oscar, Kess, Quinn, Risk, and Luna. Studio sessions with animals can sometimes be more challenging than outdoor sessions. The animal is in an unfamiliar environment, moreRead more »

Pets with Personality part 3 | Brisbane animal photographer

Part 3 of the Pets with Personality fundraising sessions. Today you will meet Eddie, Charlie, Tom, Vincent and Lily. You may have noticed my studio style is fresh and clean, a plain white background with minimal props. These sessions were aboutRead more »

Pets with Personality part 2 | Brisbane animal photographer

Part 2 of the Pets with Personality fundraising sessions. Today you will meet Chocolat, Poppy, Mason, Harriette, and Lillibeth. You can view the other posts here:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Kathy x     Chocolat | Poodle Cross Poppy | TerrierRead more »

Pets with Personality part 1 | Brisbane animal photographer

The Pets with Personality fundraiser took place the weekend of 26-27 November 2016, and thanks to an article in Brisbane News the event was booked out! 25 animals were photographed (21 dogs and four cats), and over $1,600 was donated to Best FriendsRead more »

Maggie and Spencer lounging at home | Brisbane animal photographer

Sassy little Maggie and snuggle pie Spencer were more interested in the contents of my pockets (squeaky toys and treats) than sitting still to have their photo taken! The words “Sit… Stay… Nooooooooo!” peppered the entireRead more »

Snakes galore! | Brisbane animal photographer

I am comfortable photographing cats and dogs and think I have a pretty good handle on their behaviour and techniques to get them to look at the camera. Snakes however, were a whole new ball game! When I told some friends I was heading off toRead more »

Jazzy and Abby fur-family session | Brisbane animal photographer

Dave’s partner Karly bought him a gift certificate as a birthday present, a very thoughtful gift but one tinged with sadness. Their beautiful dog Jazzy has been battling cancer for the past couple of years and sadly it has recently returned.Read more »

How did you get them to look at the camera?! | Brisbane animal photographer

Many fur-parents comment that they can never get their furry friends to look at the camera, or as soon as they lift the camera when they are doing something cute, their companion looks away. Sound familiar? So, when I present images from a companionRead more »

Apache and Princess at Underwood Park | Brisbane animal photographer

Apache is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Bichon Frise, which equals pure cuddly teddy bear! Princess is a Maltese Shih Tzu, total sweetheart, and quite clearly the boss! Their session took place along the walking track and boardwalks aroundRead more »

Chloe the cutie pie Papillon | Brisbane animal photographer

Cute little Chloe makes friends fast, she was covering me with kisses within moments of me kneeling down to say hello! Chloe’s human Mum Jacqui told me Chloe is very popular at Bulimba Vet Surgery and it was a thrill to win this session asRead more »

Photos deserve to be printed, just ask Zali and Jensen | Brisbane animal photographer

Pretty pooch Zali, and gorgeous kitty Jensen were the undisputed superstars of this family session. The focus was very much on capturing connections between these adored fur-kids and their human family Maree, Ethan and Lachie. When I first met thisRead more »

Can we go to the beach pleeeeeeaaaaaaase? | Brisbane animal photographer

Leroy is one handsome boy, there’s no doubt about it. He’s also a complete sweetie pie, loves his Mum and Dad to pieces, and graciously tolerates Miffy the cat. This gorgeous Bull Arab rescue also really loves the beach! We started theRead more »