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My name is Kathy McMillan, and I am a professional fur family photographer based in Brisbane. I take a lifestyle/documentary approach to your session, and capturing a natural moment of connection is more important than creating the perfect posed portrait. This approach will create more meaningful memories for you too.

My work truly comes from the heart. I go beyond taking portraits of your fur family, beyond creating artwork for your home. Creating images that tell a story, warm your heart, and make you FEEL is my purpose. Images that make you laugh or cry, and let you relive precious moments with your best friend, now and always.

My life changed when my fur babies Chloe and Webber came into my life. My passion to document life with them was ignited as they grew older, and it hit me that I won’t have them with me forever. It became important to capture them in a way that felt meaningful. The cute, the playful, the grumpy, the head tilt, the kisses, the adventures, the every day. I want to remember it all.

Let me help you create special moments with your fur babies, and warm your heart with their story. It is worth remembering. And telling it with images is my obsession.

Kathy x

Let kindness be the guiding principle in everything you do.

Other things about me…

My muses are my fur babies Chloe and Webber. They are eight years old, Maltese x Shih Tzu fluff balls full of cheeky goodness. They know what the important things in life are and remind me every day.

My full time job is fur family photography. I also run a second business on the side hand making dog and cat harnesses called Sweet Pea and Busy Bee.

I have a Diploma in Photoimaging (and a B.Bus. from waaaaaaaaaaay back). My previous career was mostly in sales and marketing. I’ve had a LOT of jobs, get bored quickly, and I always wanted to work for myself!

Hypocrisy makes me mad.

I love lychees.

Most of my clothes are from op shops or hand made. 

I believe you can only be truly happy when you are being authentic.

I am vegan and an animal rights activist. 

Volunteering gives me joy.

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Kindness, Patience, Love.

Logos on this page published with permission.

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