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  • Hello, my name is Kathy McMillan and I am a professional animal photographer based in Brisbane. My specialty is documenting connections between precious creatures and their kind-hearted people. I am an animal rights advocate and proudly vegan. Kindness is the guiding principle in everything that I do. x

Monthly Archives: March 2016

Konrad the grumpy cat / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Konrad is grumpy… well, not always but he was pretty grumpy the day I came to photograph him! His Mum even gave me a ‘Grumpy Cat’ book to put in a picture! Oh are you leaving photo-lady? Meow!Read more »

Indy, Ruby, Gretel & Willow / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Three dogs, one cat, and two very lovely humans… a session this big had the potential to be a little chaotic, but you know what? A little chaos is the spice of life in my books! First up, we have Indy, an eight year old Kelpie cross, whoRead more »

Little Lucy lifestyle doggy session / Brisbane Pet Photographer

My style of companion animal photography is moving more into the realm of “lifestyle”. What exactly is lifestyle photography? Well, according to Wikipedia: Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to captureRead more »

Who’s a pretty birdy? / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Mimi is so pretty, she needed a gold satin sheet to strut her stuff on. Oh daaaaahling girl, give your Mummy a kiss! Kathy x  Read more »

Tigga likes to snooze / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Tigga is 14 years old and he really likes a good snooze. In fact he could pretty much snooze all day. Tigga didn’t seem overly impressed I interrupted his snoozing, and his left eye stayed half closed for most of the session! That’s justRead more »

Benji loves the beach / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Benji is a bit boisterous… well, that’s probably an understatement! When he firsts meet you, it’s like Benji ha springs in his feet and he jumps, jumps, jumps for joy that he has made your acquaintance! He makes you feel prettyRead more »

Byron the Bombay / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This distinguished gentleman is Byron, a gorgeous sleek Bombay. He is 16, going on 17 , has a few grey hairs, and is a bit aloof in his old age. He’s still up for some playtime and stretching out on the bed. What a glorious life this lovelyRead more »

Tammy & Lola out and about / Brisbane Pet Photographer

I took a bit of a different approach with Tammy and Lola’s shoot. I simply followed them and and their Mum Sarah around for a morning. We went to jak & Mo Taste Co for a coffee, had a run around the park, played with toys in the yard,Read more »

Precious Poppy has her picture taken/ Brisbane Pet Photographer

Poppy is a totally adorable five year old Toy Poodle. Poppy was the winner of a pet portrait session, awarded at the Bulimba Vet Pet Parade, Bulimba Festival November 2015. What a great opportunity for her to have some photos taken with her humanRead more »

Steiney stole the show / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This is Steiney, a totally cheeky, utterly smoochable, super-dynamic Jack Russell X, along with his doting Mum and Dad. Steiney didn’t mean to, but he kinda stole the show… You see, Steiney’s kitty sibling Thumper was the winner ofRead more »