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  • Hello, my name is Kathy McMillan and I am a professional animal photographer based in Brisbane. My specialty is documenting connections between precious creatures and their kind-hearted people. I am an animal rights advocate and proudly vegan. Kindness is the guiding principle in everything that I do. x

Yearly Archives: 2015

Man and Dog / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Whilst it’s been quiet I have been cleaning up photos on my hard drive with the aim of DOING something with them (yes, I’m guilty too!). I came across some photos I took whilst visiting my family last year, and they tugged at my heart soRead more »

Real women, really beautiful part 2/ Brisbane Portrait Photographer

This post is a little late… but better late than ever! Another portrait shoot showing just how beautiful real women are, and how much fun it can be to take some time out to play dress up! Stunning Vicky is busy like all of us, but decided toRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #8 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Meet Rex, eight years old and still full of beans! You’d think he was just a pup the way he played on the beach at Scarborough earlier this week. For Rex, it doesn’t get much better than this: off leash on the beach, the undividedRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #7 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Meet Bruno. He’s cheeky, clever, and lets you know with no uncertainty when he really, really likes you. He sits on your feet, leans on you, and don’t forget the kisses! I used to work with Bruno’s human Mummy, and he would come toRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #6 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This gorgeous boy is 18 month old Levi, an Australian Shepherd. As well as being really, really ridiculously good-looking (yes, a Zoolander reference!) Levi is a complete sweetheart and I kissed his head a LOT. This was only the third time Levi hadRead more »

Ashley & Paige twins newborn session / Brisbane newborn photographer

Update 30 May 2016: That’s Life! magazine published an article featuring an image from Ashley and Paige’s shoot, you can read their touching story by clicking here. These little cherubs are Ashley and Paige, and my first ever sessionRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #5 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This little mischief maker is five month old Coby. This was our second attempt at a shoot, the first day it stormed, then it was drizzling the day we rescheduled but we went ahead anyway! Black and white conversions work well for overcast days withRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #4 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

These handsome boys are Rauri (Irish Setter) and Toby (Border Collie). We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon exploring the enchanting Secret Forest at Oxley Creek Common. Rauri is the more outgoing of the two and showed off by jumping over a log,Read more »

Rachel and Shane are getting married / Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Rachel and Shane are getting married in China next month, however they wanted their wedding photos taken in Australia beforehand so they can share them at their reception. I like it! I treated it as a full wedding shoot, including all the beautifulRead more »

Charlie newborn session composite / Brisbane newborn photographer

I put together this little composite of Mr Charlie, just to show how expressive newborns can be! Isn’t he the cutest?! Kathy xRead more »

Precious Charlie newborn session / Brisbane newborn photographer

This little bundle of perfection is Charlie, and I was smitten from the moment I laid eyes on him. I was given the greatest compliment when Charlie’s parents saw the images, and his Mum said “…we love how you capturedRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #3 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This handsome guy is Angus, and he’s the man! So playful and full of mischief, Gus kept his human companion and I laughing all afternoon! It was really hard to get Gus to take a breather, which is why his tongue is hanging out in most of theRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #2 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This is little Miss Lucy, cute as a button and full of energy. Lucy had a ball sniffing and exploring Pine Rivers Park, she didn’t stop grinning the whole afternoon as you will soon see! Lucy recently turned one, so a cupcake was in order andRead more »

Real women, really beautiful part 1/ Brisbane Portrait Photographer

I have been gathering and making pretty items of clothing over the past couple of months with the aim of creating a dress up wardrobe for glamour style portrait shoots. I have been itching to experiment with adding texture to portraits too, so itRead more »

Fur-baby project photo session #1 / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This is Webber, my six year old Maltese x Shih Tzu munchkin man. Cute, smart, and a little thief as far as my heart is concerned! I will be doing a doggy photo shoot every week until mid November as part of an ongoing project for my Diploma in PhotoRead more »

Styled wedding shoot, she ran off and married a country boy / Brisbane Wedding Photographer

The images below are the result of a collaboration with a team of amazing wedding vendors and talented models. We chose a country eco elopement theme, and a selection of images from this shoot were published by Eco Brides Magazine recently, whichRead more »

Johanna and Neil got married / Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Johanna and Neil got married on 15th August 2015 at Cedar Creek Lodges on beautiful Tamborine Mountain. There’s no better way to tell the story than with pictures. Kathy x  Read more »

Joel & Tasha mini dachshund dynamic duo / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Joel and Tasha are super cute and so full of energy and mischief, what a combo! Joel is tan and oh so cool, and Tasha is dark and mysterious. 😉 I spent a lovely Saturday morning with these much-loved fur-babies and their human Mum and Auntie at PineRead more »

Tulle skirt for fine art glamour portrait shoot / Brisbane Portrait Photographer

I have been meaning to make this skirt for a while now, and decided to make the time today… besides, I really need a break from editing wedding photos! I actually made a start yesterday, but got off to a false start because my tea dyeRead more »

Gemma just wants to play / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Meet Gemma, a playful Boxer cross and one of the winners of a special Senior Pets competition. Gemma was more interested in games than posing during our session, so playtime it was! After totally exhausting herself in the dog park (and me!) weRead more »

A very special photo session for Zara / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This is beautiful Zara, a nine year old German Shepherd who gives lovely cuddles and kisses. Zara and her devoted Mummy and Daddy won this photo shoot from their vet clinic as a part of a Senior Pets Promotion. This session will always have aRead more »

Storm in a teacup / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This lovely girl is Storm, a Swedish Vallhund, and I say “in a teacup” because she’s a little lady! Storm won her portrait session as part of a senior pets promotion run by her vet clinic. Storm is 14 years young and is veryRead more »

Mollie needs a forever home / Brisbane Pet Photographer

This is Miss Mollie, a pretty English Bull Terrier Cross, and she will kill you slowly with kisses and cuddles! With so much affection to give, I cannot believe this sweet girl has not found her forever home yet. Mollie is frightened of other dogsRead more »

Miss Shilo pet photo shoot at Underwood Park / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Lovely Miss Shilo and her proud parents Sue and Roger were one of seven winners of a recent Senior Pets Promo run by a group of vet clinics. Shilo is a super cute seven and a half year old West Highland Terrier, and she LOVES treats. I know, allRead more »

Experiencing photographs in print / Brisbane Photographer

Not long ago I made the decision to move away from offering digital-only collections. I wrote a blog post on my reasons here. The short of it is, I strongly believe that you just can’t enjoy images on a computer screen the way you canRead more »

Take the time to capture precious memories with your pets / Brisbane Pet Photographer

Treasure your pets. Look after them. Love them. Photograph them. A group of vet clinics I have been working with recently ran a promotion for senior pets, providing a Senior Starter package for pets seven years and over. The idea is to provideRead more »

Why I am offering FREE engagement sessions for two same-sex couples / Brisbane Wedding Photographer

If you are unaware of the support and momentum building around marriage equality in Australia, it’s time to pull your head out of the ground and shake the sand out of your ears! Particularly with the news over the weekend that equality has now beenRead more »

10 reasons to have your portrait session in Winter

As the temperature drops, a portrait session is probably not at the top of your to-do list. However, here are ten good reasons why it is one of the BEST times of year to have one: Gorgeous light! The light is softer and very flattering forRead more »

Print in the digital age – technology has killed the magic! / Brisbane Portrait Photographer

Most people want digital files when they pay for professional photography. Which is fair enough… if you actually DO something with them other than chuck them on Facebook! Be honest, how many of you have digital images you intended to print, andRead more »

Why have an Engagement shoot? / Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Engagement shoots are gaining in popularity and it is easy to understand why. First of all, it gives the couple an opportunity to get to know their photographer a little better before the big day and vice versa. Secondly, the couple can become aRead more »

Baby Eva / Brisbane Baby Photographer

How cheeky is this little Miss? I chose Venman Bushland National Park for seven month old Eva’s shoot, envisaging a fallen Autumn leaves look. I remembered the carpet of brown leaves there when I last visited in October last year. Silly me! ItRead more »

Newborn session – little Nate steals my heart / Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Is there anything as perfect as a newborn? I am obsessed with using my macro lens to take close-ups of little fingers and toes, noses, ears and mouths. New babies are… I can’t think of a better word… delicious! And precious littleRead more »

Miss Layla tells me about her new baby brother / Brisbane Children Photographer

Last week I photographed newborn Nate and his big sister Layla. I will spread this story over two posts, since I actually did the shoot over two days! Day one started with three year old Miss Layla telling me that the best thing about having a newRead more »

Family session at Botanical Gardens Mount Coot-tha / Brisbane Family Photographer

Now that I am almost done with study for this semester, I can finally catch up on some blogging. Woo-hoo!  I have had a few shoots that I haven’t had time to talk about, so here we go! My good friend Jane wanted some family photos taken whilstRead more »

Fashion shoot on the Gold Coast / Brisbane portrait photographer

One of my subjects this trimester is Commercial Photography. You know… food, fashion, architecture, the stuff that appears in magazines. I can’t say I enjoyed my food assignment all that much, although I did enjoy eating the desserts IRead more »

My first exhibition! / Brisbane Landscape Photographer

This week some of my work went up on the gallery wall at Shutter & Brew located at Wavell Heights. Seriously, I can hardly contain my excitement! First, let me tell you about the café. If you love coffee and love photography, Shutter & BrewRead more »