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  • Hello, my name is Kathy McMillan and I am a professional animal photographer based in Brisbane. My specialty is documenting connections between precious creatures and their kind-hearted people. I am an animal rights advocate and proudly vegan. Kindness is the guiding principle in everything that I do. x

Monthly Archives: November 2014

Head shots with personality / Brisbane Portrait Photographer

The purpose of head shots or modelling portfolio shots is of course to show what the person looks like. However, in the case of head shots for an actor or other entertainer, the images must also let their personality and the type of actor orRead more »

Photo book design – keeping it simple

I am working on an assignment which requires design of a photo book. I chose images from the Roberts family photo shoot, and my aim was to convey a sense of fun and connection. The design is really clean and simple and I have used a lot of whiteRead more »

Never work with children or animals! / Brisbane Children Photographer

Never work with children or animals they say. After doing six children’s photo shoots in one weekend (am I completely mad?!) I cannot say I agree. Whilst there were challenges at times (impending tantrums, face-pulling, yawns) it was actually…Read more »